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Day two from 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

The Dezeen team is reporting live from the 11th edition of 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, where a light formed from a sheep's stomach and benches made of crushed cans have turned heads, as well as products by Verner Panton and Fritz Hansen.


18:00pm – benches, benches, benches

Design editor Jennifer Hahn popped into &Tradition's townhouse where five international design studios have shared their take on a bench.

Agnes Studio bench
Agnes Studio's bench was made of crushed cans. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Several of the pieces are made from waste materials, with Guatemala's Agnes Studio contributing a bench made from blocks of compressed aluminium cans that were destined for the recycler.

Savvy Studio bench
Savvy Studio made a bench from marble offcuts. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Similarly, Savvy Studio contributed its take on a design commonly found across Mexico's public spaces, made entirely from marble offcuts.

"Irony underpins the Proletariat bench, the common man's furniture piece made with the scraps of a luxury material that would otherwise be discarded," &Tradition said.

Joenghwa Seo
Joenghwa Seo also created a bench for the exhibition. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Another striking addition comes from Joenghwa Seo of South Korea, featuring an industrial frame of aluminium tubes topped with a frosted acrylic seat that allows the structure underneath to peek through.


17:00pm – don't be sheepish

Jump scare! Social editor Clara Finnigan was taken aback by this light pendant made of sheep's stomach by Michel Bussien shown at Källemo.

Sheep-stomach lamp
A sheep-stomach light was on display at Källemo. Photo by Clara Finnigan


16:30pm – talks, talks, talks

There have been numerous talks talking place across Copenhagen during this week's 3 Days of Design festival.

Fritz Hansen talk during 3 Days of Design
Fritz Hansen hosted a talk named Designing for people and nature. Photo courtesy of Cobe

Highlights include a talk focused on the connection between architecture, design and nature, which took place at the recently completely Opera Park in Copenhagen's inner harbour.

Organised by Danish brand Fritz Hansen and moderated by Dezeen's deputy editor Cajsa Carlson the talk featured Cobe head of urbanism Mads Birgens, Note Design Studio interior architect Susanna Wåhlin and designer Jaime Hayon.

Muuto talk
Muuto hosted a talk called Intentional Spaces. Photo by Margot Stokes

Across town at furniture brand Muuto's Copenhagen HQ, editorial director Max Fraser moderated a talk called Intentional Spaces.


16:00pm – infinity cubes and steel ball tables

Dezeen editor-at-large Amy Frearson dropped by the Danish Art Workshops – Denmark's largest production facility for artists and designers in residence.

Danish Art Workshops
Alberte Svendsen's Infinity Cubes were on display at Danish Art Workshops

Highlights included the expertly sculpted Sakyu Bench by Rasmus Fenhann, the Blue furniture made by Lærke Ryom from worn-out jeans, Tronhjem Rømer's screen-printed textiles and Alberte Svendsen's Infinity Cubes, which are covered in dyed straw.

Sakyu Bench by Rasmus Fenhann
The Sakyu Bench by Rasmus Fenhann was also on display

However, Frearson was most transfixed by the satisfying sound and motion of George Koutspuris' Ocean Machine, a table that gently tips in different directions, allowing 6,000 steel balls to move back and forth across its surface like waves.


15:45pm – designer butter

In other novelty food news, design editor Jennifer Hahn has spotted a new unspoken rule at design events – butter cannot ever be served as a block.

Designer butter
Designer butter on show at Massproductions. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

It seems that nothing is safe from being aestheticised!

Kaufmann Keramik designer butter
Kaufmann Keramik showcased its buttery creation. Photo by Jennifer Hahn


15:30pm – purple devilled eggs?

Last night, Dezeen's deputy editor Cajsa Carlson and editor-at-large Amy Frearson enjoyed dinner in design brand Frama's store.

Frama dinner 3 Days of Design
Frama hosted a dinner at 3 Days of Design. Photo by Cajsa Carlson

The old apothecary had been transformed through a collaboration with UK designer Faye Toogood into a colourful space that made for one of the team's more memorable dinner experiences!

Faye Toogood at 3 Days of Design
The space was designed by Faye Toogood. Photo by Cajsa Carlson

Especially as the food also had a colourful theme, with purple devilled eggs and a potato salad resembling a cake.


14:30pm – cocktail umbrella lamp

Dezeen's design editor Jennifer Hahn has spotted a charming new portable light that looks like a cocktail umbrella, courtesy of Norm Architects.

Norm Architects lamp
Norm Architects has designed a wash paper lamp. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Made from washi paper for Japanese lighting brand Ambientec, the design is being unveiled as part of an exhibition at the Conary townhouse. Cheers!


13:30pm – peak Panton 

Following his heyday in the 1960s, the products of Verner Panton have slowly made a comeback over the last decade. But this year, we might have reached peak Panton.

Verner Panton at 3 Days of Design
Verner Panton's lamps was spotted at &Tradition's showroom

At Milan design week, an entire much-Instagrammed lounge at Capsule Plaza was dedicated to the work of the late and great Danish designer and architect.

Now, at 3 Days of Design, his iconic Flowerpot lights feature in almost every room of &Tradition's showroom townhouse — including a new freestanding floor lamp version.

Verner Panton at 3 Days of Design
Verpan's showroom is dedicated to Panton's designs

And at nearby Møntergade 19, a whole showroom filled with his designs has opened its doors courtesy of Verpan, which is dedicated to reissuing his work.


12:40pm – "Finally an alternative to fish!"

Studio Flétta and artist Ýrúrarí have brought a slice of Iceland to 3 Days of Design with a pop-up pizza restaurant outside the Icelandic embassy.

Studio Flétta and artist Ýrúrarí pop-up pizza restaurant
Studio Flétta and Ýrúrarí have created a pop-up pizza restaurant

The pop-up is serving woollen pizzas made from leftovers from the Icelandic wool industry, which were first shown at last year's DesignMarch festival in Reykjavík.

"Finally an alternative to fish!" said social editor Clara Finnigan. "Full marks for presentation… however quite a chewy texture"

Studio Flétta and artist Ýrúrarí pop-up pizza restaurant
The restaurant's pizza were described as "chewy"


12:15pm – "best thing I've seen today"

Guess what? Yes, it's another chair, but this one comes with high praise from Dezeen deputy editor Cajsa Carlson, who described it as "the best thing I've seen today".

Chair made from PETG for Crafting Plastics
Kasper Kyster unveiled his plastic furniture at 3 Days of Design. Photo by Peter Vinther

Made by bending two-millimetre thick PETG plastic sheets by hand, the chair forms part of a wider collection of furniture created by Danish designer Kasper Kyster.

"I buy these sheets that are then cut up into certain sizes," he told Carlson.

"And then I have a heat gun and a couple of cloths and I just heat it up, fold it, heat it up and fold it until I get these slats that I can work with."

Read the full write up and see more pictures of the collection here.


12:00pm – "Why can't a nice chair just be a nice chair?"

Talking of chairs, in Danish designer Cecilie Manz spoke to Dezeen in an exclusive interview about her Monolit chair for Danish manufacturer Fritz Hansen, which is being launched at 3 Days of Design.

Cecilie Manz with the Monolit chair for Fritz Hansen
Cecilie Manz is launching her Monolit chair at 3 Days of Design. Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen and Kasthall.

"The industry likes to label everything," Manz told Dezeen.

"Why can't a nice chair just be a nice chair? As long as it's comfortable, people can judge for themselves where it works best."

Read the full write up of the chair here.


11:40am – chairs, chairs, chairs

Dezeen's editorial director Max Fraser has visits the Formation Gallery, where Danish furniture brand Takt is launching the Bow chair by London-based studio Industrial Facility.

The wooden chair realises an ambitious project to "tailor" plywood similarly to how a pattern is cut from fabric, efficiently forming the back and arms from a single piece.

Takt at 3 Days of Design
Takt has launched the Bow Chair

Consistent with all Takt products, Bow Chair prioritises longevity, allowing for easy repairs with readily available replacement parts. Its certified materials and supply chain underscore the brand's commitment to circularity.

Takt's founder and CEO Henrik Taudorf Lorensen
Takt's founder Henrik Taudorf Lorensen sitting comfortably. Photo by Max Fraser

Sitting comfortably in the chair, Takt's founder and CEO Henrik Taudorf Lorensen told Dezeen, "Industrial Facility has embodied our philosophy of perpetual sustainable design in an elegant and seamless product that does not shout about its ecological values.

"Bow Chair calmly presents itself as an incredibly beautiful and comfortable armchair that just happens to be entirely repairable," he added.


11:15am – "all about the timber"

Social editor Clara Finnigan has stopped by the Dinesen Apartment, a joint project between the wooden flooring manufacturer and British architectural designer John Pawson.

Pawson at 3 Days of Design
John Pawson's furniture is "all about the timber". Photo by Clara Finnigan

Speaking to Dezeen ahead of the launch at 3 Days of Design, Pawson said: "This collection is all about the timber – everything is stripped back to the logic and poetry of the wood."

"It made sense for the dimensions of the timber to determine the proportions of the forms," he added. "The outcome is pieces that have an inherent quality of clarity, rhythm and repetition."

Read the full write up on Dezeen here.

Pawson at 3 Days of Design
The collection includes a timber table and benches as well as a sofa and arm chairs. Photo by Clara Finnigan


10:30am – time for souvenirs

Designer Helle Mardahl has set up a souvenir shop outside the Designmuseum as part of 3 Days of Design. Dezeen's deputy editor Cajsa Carlson is very, very tempted by a cap.

Helle Mardahl
Helle Mardahl is selling souvenirs. Photo by Cajsa Carlson

Alongside caps, the stand is selling new versions of her colourful cups and glasses as well as jewellery.

Inside the museum shop an exhibition is showcasing some of her larger glassware designs as well as bulbuos ceiling lights.

Helle Mardahl
Something to remember the festival? Photo by Cajsa Carlson


10:00am – Happy Sobriety

French designer Erwan Bouroullec has teamed up with Danish brand Raawii to create the Happy Sobriety exhibition, an installation that is described as "a low-threshold environment somewhere between a lab, a bazar and an art gallery", reports Dezeen's editorial director Max Fraser.

Arba lounge chair
The Arba lounge chair is the brand's first chair. Photo by Max Fraser

Included in the show is the Arba lounge chair, the young brand's first chair design, also by Bouroullec.

Alongside the chair are personal projects from the designer, including large-scale graphic works and handmade furniture created from materials harvested from his home in Burgundy.

Happy Sobriety exhibition
The chair was displayed at the Happy Sobriety exhibition. Photo by Max Fraser


9:30am we're back!

Good morning! It's day two of 3 Days of Design and the Dezeen team – editorial director Max Fraser, editor-at-large Amy Frearson, deputy editor Cajsa Carlson, design editor Jennifer Hahn and social editor Clara Finnigan – are on the ground in Copenhagen reporting on all the action.

Catch up with everything that happened on day one here.

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Illustration of people on bikes in Copenhagen for 3 Days of Design
Illustration by Justyna Green

Dezeen Events Guide has created a 3 Days of Design guide, highlighting the key events at the festival. See Dezeen Events Guide for all the latest information you need to know to attend the event, as well as a list of other architecture and design events taking place around the world.

All times are Copenhagen time.

The lead image is by Clara Finnigan.