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LIVE from 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

Day three from 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

The Dezeen team is reporting live from 3 Days of Design, where highlights included a wool-covered desk, eelgrass insulation, a visit to Noma and a Hay-branded beer.


17:15 pm – Hay, it's time for a drink

That's a wrap! We're off to enjoy some Hay-branded Carlsberg!

Hay beer
Apparently Hay has designed a beer can for Carlsberg

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16:45 pm – glass bathroom

American design studio Heven – known for making Coperni's viral glass bag – has created an all-glass bathroom, with everything from toothbrush holders to shelves, hooks, mirrors and entire functioning sinks blown by hand.

All-glass bathroom
Heven created an all glass bathroom. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

The installation, created for skincare brand The Ordinary, is housed in a roofless cube on the harbour front next to the Royal Danish Playhouse, with members of the creative team hovering nearby to make sure none of the fragile glassware is damaged.

Glass cube
It was showcased in a glass cube. Photo by Jennifer Hahn


16:15 pm – attention grabbing?

In perhaps the most grabby display of the festival, giant hands made from metal rods reach out from the wall of the &Tradition showroom to interact with furniture designs created for the brand by Italian designer Luca Nichetto.

Luca Nichetto for &Tradition
Luca Nichetto's furniture was held in metal hands


15:00 pm – 2.5 Days of Design?

3 Days of Design is drawing to a close, but earlier for some than others... Dezeen's editor-at-large Amy Frearson headed to the Refshaleøen district only to find several shows have already wrapped up.

Nola Projects closed
Noma Projects closed early. Photo by Amy Frearson

A note on the door explained that Noma Projects has closed, while the Royal Danish Academy show was being dissembled in front of visitors. The Material Way, Trancendence and Natural Material Studio's White Utopia also appear to be closing early.

Rumour has it that the venues need to be vacated early due to booking conflicts.

Royal Danish Academy show
The Royal Danish Academy show is being taken down. Photo by Amy Frearson


14:30 pm – acoustic eelgrass

On a barge in Refshaleøen, Søuld is presenting a range of insulation made from eelgrass, which the company says is naturally carbon sequestering and fire retardant as the plant absorbs salt from the sea as it grows – Dezeen's design editor Jennifer Hahn went to take a look.

Søuld eelgrass sound insulation
Søuld showcased its eelgrass sound insulation. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

The materials brand has launched a new collaboration with MillerKnoll brand Filzfelt: a range of moveable acoustic panels wrapped in coloured felt and designed to look like wall art.

Eelgrass presents a more scalable alternative to plastic insulation than other biomaterials such as mycelium, argues Filzfelt's VP of sales Katie Thomas.

Søuld eelgrass sound insulation
The exhibition is on a barge. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

"Mycelium takes much more time to produce and we work with a lot of volume in our products," said Thomas.

"There's so much eelgrass anyway that needs to be removed anyway from the coastline so it felt like we would be able to keep up with demand."


13:55 pm – unexpected gifts

Deputy editor Cajsa Carlson visited a flower store set up by collectible design platform Tableau, which also sold unexpected items – including large glass dildos and graffitied vases.

Tableau flower store
Tableau opened a store selling flowers and the occasional dildo. Photo by Cajsa Carlson

Located in an 18th-century building, the original interior was complemented by playful contemporary furniture, creating a must-stop for anyone looking for a celebratory bouquet – or an unusual sex toy…


13:20 pm – Skål!

Talking of food, social editor Clara Finnigan stopped at Hem's showroom at Palaegade 8 for a light lunch and bubbles served in their new Fars Glas wine glass, an Erik Höglund re-edition. Skål!

Fars Glas wine glass
The Fars Glas wine glass is strangely empty. Photo by Clara Finnigan

Hem also unveiled another re-edition at the lunch, the Experiment Chair, by Finnish architect Yrjö Kukkapuro with his daughter Isa in attendance for the occasion.

The Experiment Chair by Finnish architect Yrjö Kukkapuro
The Experiment Chair was also launched at the event. Photo by Clara Finnigan


12:30pm – asparagus overload

It's asparagus season in Denmark and of course, that means it shall be served for every meal, notes Dezeen's design editor Jennifer Hahn. Well maybe not breakfast...

Read Hahn's take on designer butter in yesterday's review of 3 Days of Design.

Asparagus at 3 Days of Design
Asparagus has a strong presence at this year's event. Photo by Clara Finnigan


12:00pm – Tarkett tower

Material circularity is the emphasis at the Tarkett exhibition, located at Odd Fellow Palace as part of the Framing showcase, which was visited by Dezeen's editorial director Max Fraser.

Tarkett exhibition
The exhibition contains broken down discarded Tarkett carpets. Photo courtesy of Tarkett

The Dutch flooring brand has been working with circularity experts FranklinTill on ways to communicate the work it's doing to make their production cycle entirely circular.

The exhibition aims to explain the processes involved in breaking down discarded Tarkett carpets and vinyl flooring into its constituent parts, retrieving the raw materials that can then be returned back into the production of new flooring.

Tarkett exhibition
Tarkett's products were arranged into a tower


11:30am – a taste of Noma

Noma – rated world's best restaurant on five separate occasions – has opened the doors of its experimental food lab Noma Projects for this year's 3 Days of Design.

Noma Projects
Noma opened the doors of its experimental food lab. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Those unable to get a reservation at the actual restaurant before it closes this winter (including Dezeen's own Jennifer Hahn), were able to sample some of the food innovations pioneered by chef René Redzepi and his team in the process of reducing food waste.

Miso made using leftover bread
The nut butter was a favourite. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Among them is a seasoning made from dehydrated seaweed water (which Redzepi calls "kitchen crack"), miso made using leftover bread from Copenhagen's bakeries and a kind of nut butter made from waste pumpkin seeds mixed with pine and parsley leaf oil – a favourite of the author, who is debating buying check-in luggage just to bring some home with her.

Artworks made from food waste
There were also artworks made from food waste on display. Photo by Jennifer Hahn

Also on show are some attempts at turning food waste into useful products, including soap, paper and curtains made from seaweed, and artworks coloured using beetroot and saffron.


11:00am – lots of wood

Dezeen's deputy editor Cajsa Carlson has visited Enter the Salon, a furniture exhibition held at historic townhouse The Conary that is showing designs by brands including Karimoku and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.

Enter the Salon
The Enter the Salon exhibition was hosted at The Conary. Photo by Cajsa Carlson

The exhibition was curated by designer Signe Hytte and contained lots of wood and other natural materials, which made for a peaceful setting within the bustle of 3 Days of Design.

Enter the Salon
It featured designs by Karimoku and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Photo by Cajsa Carlson


10:15am up a wrickety old elevator...

Don't be put off by the handyman laying down carpet across the five-storey stairwell of the apartment block at Store Strandstræde 19.

House of Nordic Design
An artist's atelier was turned into the House of Nordic Design

Instead, take the rickety old elevator up to the top floor to see a rarely accessible, century-old artist's atelier transformed into a showcase of 25 emerging designers from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

House of Nordic Design
Studio Kasa Kasa designed a shaggy wool-covered desk that was complemented by a metal chair by Carlberg Design

Highlights from the show, based on an open call by the House of Nordic Design, include a shaggy wool-covered desk by Studio Kasa Kasa accompanied by a chair designed by Gustav Carlberg, a sculptural Sissel Warringa pendant light (recently picked up by Frandsen for mass production) and hand-dyed marbled wood flooring by Anton Mikkonen (rumouredly laid all across Robert Downey Junior's kitchen).


9:30am welcome to day three

Good morning! It's day three of 3 Days of Design and the Dezeen team – editorial director Max Fraser, editor-at-large Amy Frearson, deputy editor Cajsa Carlson, design editor Jennifer Hahn and social editor Clara Finnigan – are on the ground in Copenhagen reporting on all the action.

Catch up with everything that happened on day one and day two here.

Dezeen Events Guide has created a 3 Days of Design guide, highlighting the key events at the festival this year.

Illustration of people on bikes in Copenhagen for 3 Days of Design
Illustration by Justyna Green

Dezeen Events Guide has created a 3 Days of Design guide, highlighting the key events at the festival. See Dezeen Events Guide for all the latest information you need to know to attend the event, as well as a list of other architecture and design events taking place around the world.

All times are Copenhagen time.

The lead image is by Jennifer Hahn.