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Interior of Frama store

Faye Toogood fills interior of Frama store with colourful Collage installation

British designer Faye Toogood has used sculptural wood furniture to transform Danish design studio Frama's Copenhagen store during 3 Days of Design.

Toogood, who is the founder of Studio Toogood and known for her playful and sculptural designs, was approached by Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen to create the installation for the annual 3 Days of Design festival.

Frama store with pink installation
Faye Toogood designed sculptural installations from plywood

The intention was for the Collage installation to involve Frama's own cafe, which is located in the same building as its shop and design studio.

"Niels approached us a little less than a year ago and said that he would really like to do something with us – he'd seen a project that we've done in London at the Sessions Arts Club restaurant," Toogood told Dezeen.

Pink table in Frama store
The Collage sculptures were painted in warm hues

"He really wanted to, for 3 Days of Design, do something with the food and incorporate the food," she added.

"Niels liked the idea that there was uniform kind of going on and that we could maybe interrupt the space, so instead of doing curtains – like at Sessions – we thought about more of an installation working its way through the space."

Exterior of Frama store
Frama's Copenhagen store was given the installation for 3 Days of Design

Toogood drew on the concept of collages for the installation, which features large sculptural wooden furniture in asymmetric geometric shapes and is also called Collage.

"I liked the concept of both of us ripping things up and starting again – this idea of creating new energy, essentially, and so the collage element came together," Toogood said.

Plywood designs in Copenjagen store
The sculptural furniture is used for the brand's cafe

Her resulting designs, made from plywood and handpainted in warm colours, were installed in every room of the Frama store in an old apothecary in Copenhagen.

Here, they create more tables and seating for the store's cafe and also function as display stands.

Toogood designed a uniform of black vests with colourful collage designs on their backs as part of the collaboration, which also features Toogood x Frama-branded products such as hand wash.

"It's not big on product; it's not a big product launch but more like two houses coming together," Toogood said. "Creators coming together, just creating a new energy."

Pink table at Frama store
Toogood felt "ready for colour"

Colour was an important aspect of the project and marked a change from the aesthetic that Frama is usually associated with.

"Obviously, Niels is not known for colour, and he was amazing, he gave me free rein on everything. " Toogood said.

Red sculpture behind wooden table
The sculptures were installed in every room of the store

"I've just started to use colour again in my work; before I've been concentrating on form and geometry and now I'm wanting to unite the form and the geometry with some colour," she added.

"I feel ready for colour. We feel ready for some joy and it's nice getting the reaction from the Frama team and from my team; I think there's a joy and energy to it."

Glass shelves with skincare products
Frama also sells Collage-branded products

Other events at 3 Days of Design include an exhibition by furniture brand Federicia that shows adaptations of iconic mid-century furniture classics and handcrafted "organic" plastic chairs.

The photography is by Frama.

3 Days of Design took place at venues across Copenhagen from 12 to 14 June. See Dezeen Events Guide for more architecture and design events around the world.

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Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama
Collage exhibition by Toogood x Frama