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Exterior view of Kaktus Towers by BIG in Copenhagen

Spiky Kaktus Towers by BIG nearing completion in Copenhagen

Photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj has captured a pair of spiky high-rise buildings by Danish studio BIG as they near completion in Copenhagen.

Named Kaktus Towers, the pair of jagged buildings comprise 495 residences and are linked by a raised public park that slopes between them.

According to BIG, while the towers themselves are open and inhabited, the communal facilities and public park will reach completion late this spring.

Spikey-looking high-rise building in Copenhagen by BIG
Rasmus Hjortshøj has captured the Kaktus Towers by BIG

The Kaktus Towers are among the upcoming buildings featured in Dezeen's roundup of 12 interesting architecture projects scheduled to reach completion in 2024.

Their distinctive look is achieved through the rotation of their floorplates, which provides each home with a unique view of the Danish capital's Vesterbro district. Their corners are also opened up as balconies.

BIG has designed the tallest of the two towers to reach 80 metres and, together, they encompass 26,100 square metres.

View up at one of the Kaktus Towers by BIG
The spiky-looking buildings are nearing completion in Copenhagen

Hjortshøj's photos capture the completed exterior of the Kaktus Towers for the first time, with the planting on the elevated park and balconies still to be added.

The images also offer a glimpse inside one of the Kaktus Tower apartments, which is lined with exposed concrete and wooden joinery including floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry.

BIG has said each residence has "custom-designed interiors" along with their private angular balconies.

A circular walkway that wraps around the central circulation core can also be seen in the photos.

Apartment inside one of the Kaktus Towers by BIG
The apartments feature a mix of concrete and wooden surfaces

Alongside the elevated public park, the Kaktus Towers' upcoming communal areas will include an outdoor kitchen, a cafe and fitness areas.

At the base of the towers will be a public plaza that links to an existing train station adjacent to the site.

Angular balcony on tower by BIG
Each apartment has an angular balcony

BIG is an architecture studio that was founded by Bjarke Ingels in 2005. It has studios in Copenhagen, New York, London and Barcelona.

Elsewhere, BIG is also scheduled to complete its new Copenhagen headquarters in 2024, as well as the stone-clad One High Line skyscrapers in New York.

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Kaktus Towers by BIG
Kaktus Towers by BIG
Kaktus Towers by BIG
Kaktus Towers by BIG
Kaktus Towers by BIG