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Nike Metamorph Poncho

Nike's Metamorph Poncho transforms from coat to camping tent

Sportswear brand Nike has designed the Metamorph Poncho, a lightweight multi-layered raincoat that can be reconfigured as a tent for camping.

Designed by Nike, the two-tone grey garment is constructed as a water-repellent hooded cape that can be zipped up at the front.

Multifunctional raincoat by Nike
The Metamorph Poncho is a multifunctional raincoat

The machine-washable Metamorph Poncho features a backpack-style, Swoosh-branded pocket that holds collapsible poles.

To transform the clothing from raincoat to tent, users simply lay the poncho flat and insert the poles into its various flaps to create a simple tent or sunshade.

Swoosh-branded pocket containing collapsible poles
The back of the raincoat features a Swoosh-branded pocket that contains collapsible poles

Once the tent is erected, the pocket becomes an extra rain cover that can be draped over the top.

"This hybrid piece from our ISPA collection adapts to your environment," said Nike.

The Metamorph Poncho features an internal, dark grey layer with flower-like cutouts that create a pattern on the inside of the raincoat or tent and are subtly revealed through the translucent outer layer.

According to the brand, the clothing is made from a mix of cotton and "at least" 75 per cent recycled plastic fibres including Nike's recycled nylon made out of surplus fish nets and old carpets.

"Garments that use materials made from recycled nylon reduce carbon emissions by up to 50 per cent compared to virgin nylon," said Nike.

Nike's Metamorph Poncho as a tent
The poles can be used to create a tent out of the raincoat

The Metamorph Poncho is also fitted with integrated instructions for pitching the tent.

Previous examples of multi-functional clothing include Urbanella, a rainproof cape by Studio Mesh that packs away into a handy bag, and a collection of metamorphosing garments by Ukrainian fashion house DZHUS, including a dress with a statement collar that can be folded down into bag-shaped carriers.

Recently, Nike announced another project – the development of a generative AI model to design products using the brand's vast bank of athlete data.

The photography is courtesy of Nike. 

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Metamorph Poncho by Nike
Metamorph Poncho by Nike
Metamorph Poncho by Nike
Metamorph Poncho by Nike