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Choupette models the Swing hammock bed by LucyBalu

Ten pet beds that prove furniture for animals can be interesting too

After IKEA launched a range of products for pets, Dezeen rounds up 10 beds designed with domestic dogs and cats in mind.

UTSÅDD collection by IKEA
Photo courtesy of IKEA

Utsådd collection by IKEA

Swedish furniture giant IKEA partnered with Woodgreen Pets Charity to launch a range of products for pets including a rattan dog bed and a pitched-roof cat bed.

"Our goal was to develop a collection of products that our cats and dogs love and that their human parents can feel good about and truly enjoy having as part of their home," said IKEA commercial manager Michaela Quinlan.

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Choupette models the Swing hammock bed by LucyBalu
Photo courtesy of LucyBalu

Swing by LucyBalu

Animal furniture company LucyBalu designed a hammock-style bed made of felted wool for late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's famously beloved cat, Choupette.

"We sent our cat hammock to Choupette's agent in Paris as a gift," said LucyBalu founder Mathias Wahrenberger. "Sometime after that, we received a message saying that our Swing was Choupette's new favourite place."

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Dog Goes Here cardboard dog bed by Rocky Brooks
Photo courtesy of Rocky Brooks

Dog Goes Here by Rocky Brooks

Rescue centres frequently need to dispose of dog beds damaged by stressed canines, representing a significant cost.

In response, Northumbria University graduate Rocky Brooks created a flat-pack cardboard alternative that is disposable, fully recyclable and estimated to cost five times less to produce than standard plastic dog beds.

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I See You black felt table by Asif Khan for Archtecture for Dogs at Japan House London
Photo courtesy of Japan House London

I See You! by Asif Khan

Architect Asif Khan conceived this dog bed as part of a larger piece of furniture.

As part of an exhibition focusing on architecture for dogs, he created a table covered in black sheep-wool felt with an indent in its surface for a dog to rest in.

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Layer and Cat Person design social media-friendly furniture for felines
Photo courtesy of Layer

Canopy Bed by Layer and Cat Person

Since many cats spend most of the day sleeping, Layer decided to work with American startup Cat Person to create a modular bed that can be easily adapted to fit the changing moods of fickle felines.

The canopy bed has a detachable, cone-shaped element that can be folded down to half its height or removed altogether to form an open bed.

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White dog in curved kennel
Photo courtesy of Aaron Hargreaves/Foster + Partners

Barc by Foster + Partners and Isokon

British architecture studio Foster + Partners worked with plywood manufacturer Isokon to produce a flat-pack dog kennel.

Created for the annual Barkitecture competition organised by Goodwoof, the bed is characterised by an arched canopy made from a thin sheet of plywood.

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Tesla Cybertruck cat house
Photo courtesy of Tesla

Cybertruck cat house by Tesla

Electric car brand Tesla launched its controversial Cybertruck late last year.

As part of its promotional campaign in China ahead of the vehicle's release, the company developed a flat-pack cat bed made from corrugated cardboard and modelled on the pickup truck's angular aesthetics.

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Kläffer dog bed by Nils Holger Moormann GmbH
Photo by We Make Them Wonder

Kläffer by Nils Holger Moormann

German furniture maker Nils Holger Moormann designed a dog-proportioned version of its full-sized flat-pack beds.

Like the pieces for humans, the canine bed consists of several metal-free pieces that can be easily slotted together or disassembled.

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Cubic pet goods by Nendo
Photo courtesy of Nendo

Cubic by Nendo

With the Cubic collection of dog accessories, Japanese studio Nendo wanted to create pieces that complement minimalist interior design.

"The majority of pet products for dogs are roundish and cute," said the studio. "However, they aren't often suited to interior spaces with walls, floors, ceilings, windows and furniture designed mostly in a linear manner."

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Furniture for cats by Meyou
Photo courtesy of Meyou

The Cube by Meyou

The Cube by French cat-furniture brand Meyou is a globe-shaped cocoon made from woven cotton housed in a cuboid metal frame.

It was launched as part of the brand's debut collection alongside two other beds – one with a similar cotton cocoon supported by angled wooden legs, and one composed of a wool-felt hood placed on top of a four-legged stool.

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